Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Prodigal Earth continues

I sat down whilst reposing upon vacation this week and plotted out the remaining story arc of Prodigal Earth. I love word processors. The work I did in the span of a couple of hours this week would have taken me weeks of typing beforehand, or I would have had to suffer having inserted pages, with odd sizes and page&1/2 numberings, in order to fill in gaps in my story and backtrack to make new ideas I just had make sense.

At any rate, I did something I have not really done before, which was set out an outline for the entire remainder of the book. I then started writing the text to fill in that outline. Over two evenings I churned out seventeen pages.

In the meantime, I have been following some of the groups on Lulu and someone mentioned that they put their book up on Amazon Marketplace and it got a hit and a sale in 3 days.

So I went ahead and did that. The cost of doing so is a little more, and it means my book now retails for $14.29 instead of $10.82. Amazon wants a cut of the action if they're going to list, you see.

So it's done. In about two weeks I expect to see my book listed Out There In The Big World.


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