Sunday, April 16, 2006

Spreading The World(wrights)

Now that I'm available on Amazon, and you can sort of find my book there, I'm looking at the next horizon. I've got about 20 copies of the book moved (I say about because it changes all the time). It's very exciting, although I'm on pins and needles waiting for people to finish reading it.

You can go to Amazon and search on the word "Worldwrights" and find it. Or you can hit my ISBN number. 1411682866

Self-publishing is odd, and I'm sure it was odder still before Lulu came along. I've visited a number of the websites of self-publishing houses, but I think Lulu stands alone in its ability to pretty much automate the process. One of the drawbacks is that pretty much anyone can get their stuff on there, so there's a lot of stuff that's almost unreadable, and sometimes Lulu feels like a writer's workshop. It's not a bad thing all told, and I think there are people there who would rather crush budding writers with negative commentary than encourage them to grow. I've begun surfing the Lulu forums with that in mind, trying to recall a time when I was 11, or 17, myself, and put myself in those shoes for a moment while I read previews and samples and try to get others to read my own work. I guess the reason I'm doing that is was summed up, oddly enough, by a fortune cookie I got the other day that read, approximately: "If you give much, you will receive gifts in turn." I don't actually believe in karma, but people who are generally helpful to others find willing hands when they themselves are in need, and doing even one nice thing for someone else makes a huge impression on them. And it really costs me nothing but some time, and it helps me enormously to think on my own editing process to read what others are writing.

I would also like to introduce, after much popular demand, my new publicist Cathy Grant. Cathy will be shaking down friends and relatives handling sales for my book using her winning personality skills. She has already begun hitting up her extended group of friends with a promotional email sent to what looks like the entire population of the Gerry Butler web forum. Next up we will be hopefully getting enough copies in that I can put them in a couple of local bookstores. We shall see.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

FINALLY, it's all about ME!!!!

Oh, I haven't even STARTED with the Gerry Butler website, deary. There's only over 10,000 ladies on there....


18/4/06 7:30 PM  
Blogger Laurie said...

I have finished reading your book. I loved it, it was very good. It kept me wanting to read more even when I had to set it down to sleep and other things life had to bring. I can't wait to read the next book you have to offer. Thank you for sharing your words.

29/4/06 3:29 PM  

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