Saturday, May 13, 2006

Worldwrights Hardback / Leo Review

I've just released The Worldwrights in hardback. Come and get it. I will be placing it on Amazon later this month, hopefully. It's $34 for the Amazon placement. I recieved the latest revision (intended for a friend) and almost tucked it away myself. It looked so good.

I'm pricing it at $27.50 because that's what it will run on Amazon. Trust me, I won't get much of that!

In other news, I've walked a copy of the book over to the local weekly alternative, the LEO. I'm hoping I can get some attention with a review of some kind.

I am still working on the podcast of the book, (up to Chapter 5 now) and I'm hoping to get some exposure that way as well. I will probably release mp3's of the podcast on my own website in addition to the podiobooks website. More on that later.

It's late and I should either start working on something or quit messing around and go to bed.


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